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BP Cancer Group total hits $118K

blooming prairie, cancer auction, 2023
Kay Fate, Staff Writer

The final numbers are in from the Blooming Prairie Cancer Group’s yearly fundraiser, and they’re even better than expected.

The 22nd Annual Cancer Auction, held Sept. 8-9, raised $118,275.45.

The event kicked off with gun Bingo and about 200 tickets sold. After expenses, it brought in more than $21,000.

Live auctions were held both evenings; about 100 items were on the block each night.

A week’s stay in Tampa, Fla., was the big item, bringing in $2,600, said Cheri Krejci, one of the organizers.

“The Battle of the Brands was fun,” she said about a trio of tailgates that were turned into benches.

The Ford bench brought in $800; the Chevrolet bench hit just half that. The Dodge bench went for $350.

A batch of Judy Lestrud’s chocolate chip cookies went for $300, and four pounds of Hope butter sold for $175.

Paul Tollefson held the lucky ticket for the all-cash raffle held in memory of Steve Prihoda; he won $1,000. Mike Hoffman won the $300 second prize; Jennifer Milton took home the $200 third prize.

A new twist this year featured $10 cupcakes – two of them had diamonds inside.

Cindy Owen, of Starbuck, bought a cupcake on Friday night with a diamond necklace in the middle.

Saturday night, Kaylee Farr bought the cupcake that held a diamond cocktail ring.

“We had a lot of fun, and we raised a great amount of money,” Krejci said. “We want to thank everyone who donated, bid, or helped out in any way to make this … a great success. As they say, it takes a village.”

In addition to contributing to the annual Eagles Cancer Telethon in Rochester, the BP Cancer Group has expanded its giving over the years, partnering with the Hormel Institute for cancer research, and creating the Community Fund.

It provides things like parking passes and gas cards for patients and families who are receiving treatment and incurring extra expenses.

The Eagles telethon will be Jan. 13 and 14.

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