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God Really Wants Hear From You!

Lead Summary

While trying to teach one of my young daughters about prayer, the conversation went something like this… 
“Sweetheart, what is one thing you’d like thank God for today.”  
Without skipping a beat she smiled and said, “Candy.”  
And I said, in my best dad’s voice, “No honey, something really important.”      
She crossed her arms and said, “Daddy, candy is really important to me!”
Philip Yancy, in his book Prayer, says that prayer is like…“A child who crawls into her father’s lap with a fantasy Christmas list, yet, may not get everything she desires.  But, the very fact that she crawled into his lap, making known her deepest desires, helps cement the bond of love the father cherishes above all else.”  
Yancy concludes, “We do far better to act like a trusting child, presenting foolish requests and letting the Father make judgments, than to fret about inappropriate petitions.”
You may know how Jesus taught his disciples to pray.  He said that prayer is like approaching a loving father, who just happens to be in heaven.  
So, in light of my daughter’s wisdom, informed by my own experience, as advised by good teachers (including Jesus straight from the Bible), I would say: Pray about what is really important to you.  And, remember that nothing is off limits.  So, pray!
You can come to God just as you are; you don’t have to be something or somebody you are not!  You can be happy, you can be angry, you can be hopeful, you can be worried, you can be doubtful, you can be feeling insecure, or be rock solid in your faith.  It’s all okay to God.  In fact, God really wants to hear from you!


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