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The inheritance of Christ

Lead Summary

This week is Holy Week.  For some that means Chocolate candy.  For others it means special services at church.  It can mean a new dress or a new suit for a child.  But these are just the trappings.  They are supposed to help us remember the deeper meaning of the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
We rejoice that because of Jesus’ death and resurrection our sins are forgiven and we have the hope of eternal life with Him.  These are His great love gift to us.  Purchased at the price of his shed blood and His broken body and given freely to us.  But precisely because they are free to us we can easily begin to forget the great cost involved in getting them for us. 
It reminds me of a gift from my dad a few months ago of part of my inheritance.  I used it to help my daughter refinance her home.  It brought the blessing of getting her finances on a stable platform.  But while it did not cost me anything, I remembered how my mom got that money.  That $ 25000 dollars took her almost ten years to save from her work as a Secretary.  She would work all day typing letters and filing papers at an office and then come home to prepare supper for 4 starving boys and wash their clothes and keep the house clean and read us our bedtime stories and have family worship.  Then early the next morning it would start all over again.  She had very little free time.  Four boys just produce too much work. 
Of course, we had our chores and were expected to help.  And my dad had his duties.  But those years of work by my Mom made the difference in saving up the money for their retirement.  So, while I got the money as a free gift, I understand its value because of how long it took my Mom to put it aside.
So it is with what we receive so lovingly and freely from Jesus.  He takes away our sins that were killing us and gives us instead His righteousness that gives us joy, peace and eternal life.  This week we take extra time to remember what He did.  This week don’t forget to thank Him for what He did 2000 years ago and for what He is doing for you each day through His Spirit now.
My mom is resting in Jesus now.  But the love she poured into her daily toil back then is still giving to her family.  Jesus is sitting at God’s right hand now and He is still ministering to us the benefits of the great salvation that He won for us.


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