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Lend Me a Tenor takes flight

Lead Summary

There’s a bit confusion on Owatonna high school’s stage this spring. There are mistaken identities, accidental deaths, and lovers’ spats, and that’s just all in the first act of the high school’s latest comedy, Lend Me a Tenor.
Under the direction of Erik Eitrheim, a cast of eight students is staging the popular farce with all the madness it deserves.
The plot, played out on a static set, follows Max, the assistant of Henry Saunders who manages the Cleveland Grand Opera Company. The company is eagerly awaiting the performance of Tito Mereli, a famous Italian opera star who has agreed to sing tenor in their performance of Otello. When Tito is unable to perform, Saunders insists a disguised Max step in to take his place. Chaos mounts as the pair tries to keep up their deception to the company’s other members, including the company’s resident diva, an overly enthusiastic bellhop, and Max’s on and off girlfriend. Maggie.
“It’s a wonderful farce,” said Eitrheim, “with great, fun plot twists.”


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