Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Giving it a shot, one trip at a time

As I drove along the North Shore last week and stopped at Gooseberry Falls, I was quickly reminded of Minnesota’s natural beauty.

In addition to taking photographs, I’ve also started collecting something to savor the memories. Many years ago, I began a shot glass collection.

It’s simple. Every time I go somewhere special, I pick up a shot glass with something unique stamped on it. 

I kind of forgot about my collection, as it somehow got tucked away. But, after picking up a shot glass with the falls featured on it last week, I revived my collection and decided to put it within eyesight when I roam around the house.

Perhaps it’s because I’m growing older, but it’s interesting how such a collection tells one’s life story. I can easily trace back what I did in my teenage years by looking through my shot glasses. It reminds me of where I’ve been over the years.

My first shots came from my senior class trip to Washington, D.C. I’ve also collected some from other excursions over the years, including trips to visit my older children studying overseas in London and Belgium.

Before their travels, I had a few from a family vacation we took several years ago to Disney World. I wouldn’t mind going back now as Disney celebrates its 50th anniversary next year, but who knows if that will happen.

Some bring back memories of going to national newspaper conventions and other meetings. After all, one’s life story wouldn’t be without work involved.

Others came from my children when they went on trips of their own or with grandparents.

But most of them originated with me doing something special or going somewhere unique. I relish the local jaunts like breweries (Schell’s in New Ulm is one of my favorites) and other fun events like the Twins games and the 2014 All-Star Game at Target Field.

I’ve also ended up with some political shots from various presidential elections. I hope I don’t get shot for saying that.

And just for the record, I’ve broken only one over the years. And that was before I even got home.

I know they are most widely known as drinking glasses, though I can honestly say I’ve never used them for booze. Maybe I should start having a shot a day, but then who knows what this column would end up being like. It could be an adventure.

I have accumulated an endless number of shot glasses - unique and different in appearance. But for me, the significance is how they tell a life story.

Perhaps this Hot Pursuit column has met its match. Like this column, shots are giving away my life story.



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