Monday, January 17, 2022

Take a coffee break during pandemic

We have been socially distanced for over 10 months now and it really hurts. This pandemic has crippled the world.

With a third coronavirus vaccine on the way, we can all hope and pray that we will be seeing light at the end of the tunnel… meaning we will be hoping to soon get back to normal.

Will we ever get back to normal? Nobody knows that answer and the easiest way to answer that question is to say we will be seeing a new normal.

We are all hurting because general safety restrictions have been imposed, those creating barriers between families and friends. Our loved ones are hospitalized and we can't even visit them in many cases.

Many of us have been separated from our loved ones and from our friends.

We can't socialize with our families and friends as we once did.

Take a coffee break if you can and enjoy that social interaction that keeps our motors going.

Some people in the Blooming Prairie area have chosen to remain home as much as possible. Others have followed pandemic restrictions and have gotten together with family and friends, following social distance and public safety regulations.

These have been tough times but we will overcome these challenges by relying on one another and knowing that we are in this together.

We are bonded by faith and that will bring us through these burdensome times.

Follow restrictions: 1.) Wear a mask; 2.) Keep social distance and 3.) Wash your hands often.

Again, this will not solve your problems created by COVID-19 but it may help you regain focus. Call a family member or close friend and have a coffee break while on the telephone or on the computer.

Coffee breaks allow us to take our minds off ourselves. By sharing concerns, we can gain strength to help ourselves and others.

This pandemic will end and it's because of all our faith in others. The vaccines are being made more readily available and this will cut down the dreadful disease.

We also should take time to thank our frontline medical people and our first responders. These people are the best insurance we could have.

Take a time out from stress by having a coffee break.


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