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Blooming Prairie Youth Club writes the book on Ribfest
Howard Lestrud, Contributing Writer

If any other community in Minnesota plans to sponsor a ribfest in the future, it is essential that they contact the organizers of the 11th Annual Blooming Prairie Ribfest.


That’s the only descriptive word that can best explain the success of the 11th annual Blooming Prairie Ribfest, sponsored by the BP Youth Club. It was attended by a total approaching 500.

The Youth Club then benefits from this fundraiser and provides parents a location to leave their children during off-school times.

Last Saturday’s Ribfest could be called the best ever in the realm of size and also best in quality of the 15 contestants. Ribs were supplied by George A. Hormel & Co.

Each contestant was given a slab of ribs and then directed to their station for judging. Saturday’s spectacular was so successful that contestants ran out of ribs to supply the voting public.

There are so many details that a sponsoring organization has to meet before it can even think about sponsoring such a contest. Letters go out the day after the event in order to plan for next year.

Then, planners think of kids’ activities that will entice the little ones to come and bring their parents and grandparents.

Sponsors then have to be contacted. They are too many to mention in this news article. A request goes out to Dwight’s 12-passenger mule drawn wagon to provide transportation from the high school parking lot to the site of the event.

Many six-passenger golf carts are also lined up for use for the day.

The area which includes the Servicemen’s Club parking lot expands into the Fireman’s  Park adjacent to the Servicemen’s Club, to give visitors a place to sit and enjoy the delicious ribs.

New Youth Club executive director Lorissa Hanson and her team of workers deserve a giant-sized call-out for the hours they invested in this outstanding family event.

This year’s goal was $50,000, and it was nearly met.

The BP Ribfest brings families together. That’s the Youth Club’s main mission.

Ribfest activities actually began in the morning with the First Annual Go Goette 5K Run.

Results will be printed in the Aug. 10 issue of The Times.

Blooming Prairie is not just a small town in figures provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. It has one of the BIGGEST hearts in respect to donating to just causes.

How does Blooming Prairie do it year after year in supporting the causes such as those promoted by the BP Cancer Group, the BP Education Foundation, and the Youth Club?

It takes lots of shakers and movers to get the results Blooming Prairie routinely gets in supporting just causes.

The Blooming Prairie Youth Club staff and board thank everyone who came to enjoy the 11th Annual BP Ribfest last weekend and donated freely.

Join the BP Youth Club next year for another big event. My stomach can’t wait for BP Ribfest 2023.

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