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Raising the stakes for the Times Milk-Off at the Fair, scff
Raising the stakes for the Times Milk-Off at the Fair
Howard Lestrud, Contributing Writer

The stage is set for what could be one of the BIGGEST miking contests in Steele County Free Fair history.

In the RED Corner, we have Slippery Fingers Lestrud, the challenger. And, in the WHITE Corner, in Hot Pursuit of a victory, it looks like Tricky Ricky Bussler.

The referee for this well-publicized event had not been revealed at press time.

The participants will be asked to step over any cow pies that might be in the way.

Howard and Rick will then pick up their milk stools and proceed to meet their friend for the evening: Miss Moo No. 1 and Miss Moo No. 2.

Let the contest begin!

The above is just some rhetoric that may be heard and seen on Wednesday, Aug. 17, at the Big Squeeze of the Century.

Rick threw some sharp barbs at this columnist, but I will dismiss them as unsubstantiated rumors. He also attacked me for hiding behind my farm experience that he says happened over 50 years ago.

It is hoped that supporters of each contestant will hold their peace” and be silent so neither candidate will have an advantage. The only advantage to be gained will show up in the milk pail.

I challenge Tricky Ricky to agree to the winner buying malts for all Bussler employees in Steele County.

Masks will not be required for the contestants, nor the fans in the stands.

Photos are allowed.

Make sure you make arrangements to see this once-in-a-lifetime square-off.

The winner will be crowned King Milkshake by the Dairy Princesses of Steele County.

Come to the Storybook building on the grounds of the Steele County History Center. The Big Squeeze starts at 5 p.m. Other milking contests will feature some celebrity firefighters in Steele County.

Squirt! Squirt!

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