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Over the course of the past two weeks, one of the biggest topics amongst sports fans has been the chaos of the quarterback carousel currently going on in the NFL.
It seemed like months that we had to listen to rumors of the fate of the Packers’ franchise as Aaron Rodgers played pigskin-politics in deciding where he wanted to take his talents.
Ultimately, much to the chagrin of Vikings and Bears fans alike, Rodgers decided that he will be staying put in Green Bay, albeit for a handsome payday.
While it is currently unconfirmed, initial rumors said that Rodgers would be sticking around Green Bay for another for years to the tune of $200 million.
However, Rodgers signing in Green Bay is honestly the least surprising move of the off-season so far.
Possibly the biggest move to date has been Russell Wilson being traded to Denver for draft picks, tight end Noah Fant and quarterback Drew Lock.
It appeared Wilson’s tenure in Seattle came to a close after tensions with the front office boiled over regarding Wilson’s financial future with the team.
Wilson will be stepping into an already loaded AFC West Conference with the likes of the Chiefs, Chargers and Raiders.
Also on the move was former Colts quarterback Carson Wentz, who will likely suit up as the first-ever Washington Commanders quarterback next fall.
Since being drafted second overall by the Eagles in 2016, Wentz has been hindered by injuries and inconsistent play.
While many may view signing Wentz as a gamble, I like the Commanders taking a chance on Wentz’s potential.
Wentz will step into a freshly rebranded team with a revigorated fanbase and hope to follow suit by reviving his career and proving the doubters and nay-sayers wrong.
Not yet on the move at the time of press, but potentially finding their way to new homes are Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr and Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.
Rumors have been swirling that Carr could be traded to the Colts after Wentz’s departure; however, I find this unlikely as it would not make sense for the Raiders to give up a viable starting quarterback after Denver just upped its offense.
Such a move would likely put the Raiders out of contention in the AFC West and put them in a harsh position for a rebuild.As for Cousins, rumors have connected the Vikings’ passer to the Seahawks and Colts as potential suitors.
While the Vikings front office has come out saying that they still have confidence in Cousins’ ability to lead the offense, it would not be surprising to see the Vikings make a move if the price is right in my opinion.
Regardless, there is still plenty of action to come in the 2022 quarterback carousel and NFL fans looking for some football entertainment can feel free to follow the action on my Twitter at JohnnieP_SCT as I attempt to keep up with the chaos.

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