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A sweep for Kath brothers

Kath brothers, racing, Owatonna
Ellendale's Kadden Kath, car 83X, attempts to hold off Austin's Greg Pfeifer, car 00JR, in a race at Chateau Speedway last month. Kath and his two brothers, Kylie and Kobie, recently placed first, second and third in the feature race of the WISSOTA Midwest Mods division at Chateau Speedway on Friday, July 15. Staff photo by Johnnie Phillips
Johnnie Phillips, Sports Editor
“I think it’s become a family tradition and racing brings us all closer. We all love racing.”
-Kobie Kath, Car Racer

The Friday night races at Chateau Speedway were a little bit sweeter for brothers Kadden, Kobie and Kylie Kath on June 15, when the three finished first, second and third in the WISSOTA Midwest Mods feature race.

In the 18-lap feature race, Kadden Kath sped his way to first place while Kylie Kath trailed close behind in second and Kobie Kath finished in third.

“It just goes to show how serious we are about racing,” said Kadden. “We love it as a sport and a hobby, but we’re also really competitive amongst one another as well. You always want to be the one on top, but it was good to see us all be at the top of the field. It felt pretty good.”

It was by no means an easy task for the trio to finish together at the top.

In order to secure solid starting positions in the feature race the brothers had to compete in heat races, with Kadden and Kobie racing against one another in heat one while Kylie drove solo in heat two.

At the end of the heat races, Kadden had secured a third place starting position while Kobie line up in seventh with Kylie right behind him in eighth.

After 18 laps in the feature race and a lot of successful passing attempts, the three managed to overtake the competition and cross the finish line in blistering fashion.

The top three finish at Chateau was the first time the brothers have accomplished the feat.

However, if you ask them about the finish, they would tell you that just as sweet as earning points in the standings is making sure the car comes back in good shape.

“I don’t care if I bend a bumper up or bend the body up, as long as I keep my tires clean and I know the four corners of the car are in the same location, I can still keep racing,” said Kadden.

With all three cars still in racing condition after the weekend, the brothers have no plans of slowing down for the competition in the coming weeks.

That’s because racing has become more than just a sport to the Kath family.

“I think it’s become a family tradition and racing brings us all closer. We all love racing,” said Kobie.

According to the brothers, the Kath’s love for racing has been passed down from their father, Karlie, who introduced his sons to racing after owning racecars throughout their adolescent years.

“Some people go camping, and some people have boats. We have racecars. We spend our summers looking forward to going out to the tracks and racing. It’s just what we do,” said Kadden.

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