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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,


On behalf of the Mayor and Councilmembers, I want to thank State Representative John Petersburg and State Senator John Jasinski for their support this legislative session for Owatonna’s Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion project. Due to their efforts, the Minnesota legislature approved $22 million in funding to support Owatonna’s Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion project. Another $4.5 million was approved for Medford to modify its wastewater collection system so it can connect to Owatonna’s plant.


Throughout the session, City staff worked alongside these legislators to emphasize the need to upgrade the region’s infrastructure to support projected growth. Without their tireless work to ensure other lawmakers understood how important this project is to our area, Owatonna would not have received this critical support for this solution for treating the region’s wastewater.


Although the City of Owatonna had planned for the project financially, without state aid, rate payers would have experienced significant increases to help fund the project. By combining the resources of the Cities of Owatonna and Medford with state funding, this regional project maximizes the use of tax dollars through economies of scale, a lower cost per gallon for treatment, better performance and reliability, greater staff efficiencies and reduced permitting, sampling and testing. It is also the most environmentally sound option for the region’s waterways.


Our legislators showed up for Owatonna this session and helped create a long-term, affordable solution that will serve the area for the foreseeable future.




Kris Busse

City Administrator


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