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8 more Quilts of Valor given in BP

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BP has awarded 300 quilts over past decade
Howard Lestrud, Contributing Writer

Twice a year, the VFW and American Legion give out quilts to deserving veterans.

Eight more Quilts of Valor were presented on Memorial Day during ceremonies at the Blooming Prairie Servicemen’s Club. The total now rises over 300 given out since November of 2014, says Chris Butler, founder of the Blooming Prairie Quilts of Valor group.

Marilyn Meshke was master of ceremonies for the program attended by 150 persons. She shared some history of the Quilts of Valor Foundation was started with a Blue Star mom named Catherine Roberts from Seaford, Delaware in 2003.

The first quilt of the foundation was made for a young soldier from Minnesota who lost his leg in Iraq in 2003. Since then, the program has exploded in popularity. “A Quilt of Valor is not a gift. . .it must be awarded, and it must have a label with certain required information,” said Roberts.

Veterans eligible

Only veterans with an Honorable or General Discharged status are eligible to receive a Quilt of Valor. A recorded Quilt is a lifetime award. 

Blooming Prairie’s local Quilt of Valor organizer, Chris Butler decided to join the Quilts of Valor Foundation program after reading about it in a quilting magazine. She recruited many local volunteer quilters to join her in making and presenting Quilts of valor.

Wonderful feeling

Butler once said that making and giving these quilts gives her “a wonderful feeling” because many veterans told her that nobody told them “Thank You.”

“So today, we say thank you to our veterans for your sacrifice, valor and your military service. Some of the women involved with the quilts are members of BP auxiliaries. 

The quilts presented on Memorial Day have been sewn, assembled and quilted by Bev Hoveland, Bev Wacek, Diane Anderson, Chris Butler, Shirley Greeley and Linda Christianson.

Meshke said a special thank you goes to Becky Miner of Sports Stitch in BP who has donated all the special quilt labels that go on these quilts.

The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation, according to its website, is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing.

The message of Roberts’ dream was: Quilts = Healing.

Each of the quilts was presented by the seamstress who quilted and pieced the quilt.

Meshke introduced the quilt recipients, four at a time. Families were encouraged to take photos after the presentations.


Here’s the roster: 

• Dani Wurst received a quilt pieced by Diane Anderson and quilted by Chris Butler. 

• David Wradislovsky. Diane Anderson pieced this quilt and Chris Butler quilted it.

• Harry Van Buskirk received a quilt pieced by Shirley Greeley and quilted by Chris Butler.

• Paul Anderson was given a quilt that was pieced by Bev Hoveland and quilted by Bev Wacek.

• Gary Wandrey’s quilt was pieced by Diane Anderson and quilted by Chris Butler.

• Muriel Thompson, Sr. received a quilt that was pieced by Diane Anderson and quilted by Chris Butler.

• Buddy Thompson, Jr., accepted a quilt pieced by Diane Anderson and quilted buy Chris Butler.

• Sandy Bjork’s quilt was pieced by Linda Christianson and quilted by Bev Wacek.

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