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Flooding temporarily closes River View campground

Riverview Campground, flooding, owatonna, closed
Alex Malm, Contributing Writer

Wayne and Rebecca Cederberg knew when they purchased River View Campground in Owatonna, there would be some flooding from time to time.

But recent heavy rains have left much of the property under water, and the owners have had to temporarily shut down.

“This is the worst flood we’ve witnessed in six years,” Wayne Cederberg said.

Rebecca Cederberg explained they have told most of the 101 seasonal campers at the campground to find another spot for now. Some monthly campers and those with seasonal campers who had nowhere else to go could stay.

“There's about 20 people and their campers out here… otherwise we’re closed to the other campers,” Rebecca Cederberg said.

She explained that they have a side road to get in and out, but the county road was closed. Wayne Cederberg said they also had to close the front access due to that part of the campground being flooded out.

However, as of Monday, conditions were improving.

“The water is going down, so it looks promising,” Rebecca Cederberg said, noting they hope to have campers this weekend.

Wayne Cederberg explained that they were proactive with moving campers as soon as the rain started coming.

“We started moving campers after Father's Day on Monday,” he said. When they had five inches of rain in three days, he added, “we knew we would have a problem.”

Wayne Cederberg said since the campground is on a river, they prepare for a few seasonal floods a year to impact some campsites.

“We sort of budget for that as much as we can,” he said.

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