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It’s undeniably a great way to promote our dairy friends
Rick Bussler, Publisher
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Connecting with different groups in the community is one of the fun aspects of my job as a journalist and newspaper publisher.

I always love to learn what it takes to make this world go round by getting educated about things I didn’t previously know. That’s the beauty of journalism.

Along the way of making connections, we are often able to form unique partnerships as well. Such is the case recently with the Steele County American Dairy Association. While I’ve been connected with many dairy farmers and ADA members for many years, we just launched a partnership that was rolled out in last week’s edition.

Each week the ADA will provide messaging about the dairy industry on our Farm Living page. Along with it, there will be a unique chance for readers to engage with the dairy industry. We are offering a trivia contest in which readers will be able to win $15 gift cards to The Blast, a favorite summertime hangout for ice cream lovers in Owatonna, or tickets to the ADA’s malt stand.

And in case you didn’t notice new subscribers have an opportunity to earn malt tickets for subscribing to our newspaper. Current readers could even purchase a gift subscription for someone and get a couple free malts.

The kickoff for these promotions coincide with June Dairy Month, which has been around since 1939. It’s a month to promote and celebrate dairy farming, milk and all dairy products.

Undeniably Dairy is the dairy community’s national initiative to remind consumers of the many reasons they love and trust dairy foods.

What goes into a glass of milk?

Behind every glass is a dedicated dairy farm family, perhaps generations of a family, who share a deep desire to provide the world responsibly sourced dairy foods that nourish people, strengthen communities and foster a sustainable future.

Sadly, though, more and more people are becoming disconnected with agriculture and many simply don’t know where their food comes from. That’s why I admire the folks at the local ADA as they are always trying to educate area residents about the dairy industry. The number of dairy producers may continue to decline (only 13 left in Steele County), but the few are mighty strong.

I think I’m with a lot of people in enjoying delicious, nutrient-packed dairy foods. June Dairy Month simply reminds us of dairy’s benefits and connects us to the farm, so we know exactly where dairy foods are produced and the farm families behind them. It’s not the crap that is often misrepresented and spewed all over social media.

Along with engaging the dairy industry through our weekly promotions, I would also encourage people to come out to the Kashome Holstein Farm east of Medford on June 8 for Breakfast on the Farm. It’s a great way to learn what takes place on the farm and how dairy products end up on the store shelves.

Dairy is undeniably great, and I encourage you to go in hot pursuit of supporting our dairy farmers.

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