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Sheriff attends World Police Summit in Dubai

Sheriff Lon Thiele, Dubai, world police summit, dubai
Sheriff Lon Thiele is escorted by a police officer dressed in white around Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Thiele attended the World Police Summit in Dubai. Submitted photo
Rick Bussler, Publisher

For Sheriff Lon Thiele, the journey for safer neighborhoods doesn’t end with Steele County or even the boundaries of the United States. He’s also extending his knowledge around the world.

Thiele recently attended the World Police Summit in Dubai, which is the most populous city of 6 million in the United Arab Emirates. He was one of four representatives from FBI-LEEDA, a national organization of which Thiele will become first vice president next month.

At the Summit, 20,000 law enforcement personnel represented 138 nations around the globe. “It’s the largest event I’ve ever been to in law enforcement,” said Thiele. “It’s the world coming together for law enforcement on a grand stage,” he added.

With more than 70 police and security leaders sharing their expertise, the summit explored topics ranging from transnational crime and cybercrime to resilience and sustainability.

“In the spirit of our assembly, the emphasis on international cooperation is paramount, as our collective efforts to combat transnational crime and forge a safer future for everyone are underscored by this summit’s unparalleled opportunity to exchange insights, strategies and experiences,” said Lt. Gen. Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, commander in chief of Dubai Police.

The FBI-LEEDA group is viewed as the premier provider of police training in the U.S. with its mission to advance the science and art of law enforcement leadership and promote the exchange of information to improve law enforcement management practices through training, leadership and networking.

Thiele and other FBI-LEEDA members welcomed the opportunity to spread their knowledge outside of the U.S. They found that it seemed like a natural fit to present in Dubai. “We are all one body in protecting the earth,” he said.

“We are looking for a safer future no matter where you are,” Thiele said. “It’s important that you pursue educational excellence with advanced training and get taught correctly. We are all in this together.”

The sheriff found Dubai to be one of the cleanliest cities he has ever visited. He was also impressed with the engineering design on buildings in the city.

“To be involved with those many law enforcement personnel from around the world was an amazing trip,” Thiele said, adding expenses were paid by the World Police Summit.

Since Thiele went through FBI-LEEDA’s trilogy training in 2014 and later became a leader of the organization, two Steele County sheriff’s sergeants and an officer from Blooming Prairie Police have taken advantage of the leadership curriculum.

FBI-LEEDA trains approximately 15,000 police officers across the country, according to Thiele. The training, he said, is tailored to all command levels for all different size departments.

“We are addressing changes and addressing the evolving landscape of changes in law enforcement,” Thiele said of FBI-LEEDA. “That alone is the critical need for on-going training,” he added.

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