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Mary Wacek of Blooming Prairie has a distinctive birthday this month as she turns 15 (60) on Thursday, Feb. 29. She is shown with her two granddaughters, Macy and Avi. Macy will also turn 15 in the leap year 2024. Avi will turn 16 on Jan. 1, 2028. Mary turns 16 in the leap year 2028. Staff photo by Howard Lestrud
BP woman considers retirement at 15
Howard Lestrud, Contributing Writer

“It’s just one more day, and I don’t think about it,” said Leap Year baby Mary Wacek of Blooming Prairie.

Mary was born on Feb. 29, 1964, so her birthday officially comes only every four years. This year, she celebrates her 15th birthday, as will her granddaughter, Macy, on May 20.

Fifteen years old and already Mary is thinking of retiring. In reality, she’s 60 and thinking of retiring in two years in 2026.

Her next Leap Year birthday on Feb. 29, 2028, will put Mary at 64. Granddaughter Macy will turn 19 on May 20, 2028.Granddaughter Avi will turn 16  on Jan. 1, 2028.

“I actually feel like 45,” Mary said.

Mary has promised her two granddaughters a trip with her. She and Macy will go to Myrtle Beach, S.C. Mary said Avi has not decided where she wants to go on her birthday trip four years from now.

Macy is the daughter of Jason and Marissa White. Avi is the daughter off Brandon and Kristin Wacek.

As she was growing up, Mary said her siblings were relentless, saying she would not get any birthday presents because she would only have a birthday every four years.

She said it backfired on them, as she got two birthdays on Feb. 29. Her mother made two birthday cakes for her, one on Feb. 28 and another on Feb. 29.

“We routinely go out for dinner the day of my birthday but don’t really have a big birthday bash,” Mary said.

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