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Magnuson memories: Recalling early school days
Howard Lestrud, Contributing Writer
Howard Lestrud, Reflections

It has been proven to be true!

We who have grown up in a rural atmosphere have good street smarts. That’s because we have started from the bottom up and have not had everything given to us on a silver platter.

I grew up with plenty of opportunities. I recall vividly my first day as a first grader. We had no kindergarten.

My mom took me to the one-room school house known as the Magnuson School. It still stands and plays the role of the Newry Town Hall. Mom stayed with me on that first day of school. I wish I had not acted as a baby, crying loudly... Some of the other kids acted like champions.

Classmate Larry Helgeson was responsible for updating the school house. Ceilings were replaced and windows have given the school house a new look.

We had a basement in my school. Recess was a fun time. We, the students, played all types of games, mainly dodge ball. I remember battling for possession of the dodge ball with Greg Hanson. He landed on me with such force that one of his teeth caused my brains to leak out.

Sounds crazy, but it could be true.

Farm life allowed me the opportunities to explore my new little world. I recall going on field trips to a picnic spot near Noble’s Landing. There’s so much to remember about my life on the farm, and my life at a one-room school.

All of us have questions about things that happened years ago. Some memories are sharp and others are dull.

I still will never forget being a part of a group of kids climbing trees in a large woods near the school. Seeing a farmer execute a farm dog is a memory I would like to wash away.

I’m positive the farmer knew we were there, watching him take his dog, tie him to a stake, and end his life.

Sort back in your memory bank of rural memories. Some memories will be clear, and others are fuzzy.

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