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Steele County Times, reflections
That other pillow man visits BP
Howard Lestrud, Contributing Writer
Howard Lestrud, Reflections

Without the support of hundreds of volunteers, Mike Carlson said he would not be able to continue his unique pillow cleaning business.

Carlson was in Blooming Prairie recently for his 23rd to offer his pillow cleaning business to residents of the area. He travels with a pickup truck and trailer.

This business name is Carlson’s Pillow Cleaning Service.

Carlson said he “got suckered into the business” by his best friend’s parents. They told him to do something your guidance counselor would not say you had an aptitude for. Carlson loves his job, one that allows him to be the visitor extraordinaire.

Admitting that his business is a unique one, he said he knows another person who has a unique business. He own clocks, Carlson said.

Carlson said COVID-19 really “did a number” on his business during its two-year peak.

While making his rounds, heading toward Blooming Prairie, Carlson stopped in St. Peter and met up with author and former high school superintendent Marty Duncan. Duncan has just written a book on education.

This guy (Mike Carlson) is a real strong Christian who carries his beliefs in that caring smile.

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