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Squeezing lemons into business

Abby Schultz, rustic mamas, friendly little lemons, 2024
Abby Schultz prepares a lemonade at the Rustic Mamas’ Market on Saturday. Abby’s business, Friendly Little Lemons, has been around for a little less than a year. Staff photo by Jonny Clubb
Young Maker brings lemonade to Rustic Mamas’ Market
Jonny Clubb, Staff Writer

Abby Schultz is just 8 years old and a third grader at Washington Elementary, but she has already turned Friendly Little Lemons into a budding business.

The motivations for Abby’s business were simple.

“I wanted to raise money so I could buy stuff for gymnastics,” Abby said. So far, she has earned enough to pick out a competition leotard.

When Abby was starting out last summer, her menu was simple, and she sold lemonade from her driveway. Now, the menu offers almost limitless flavor combinations with its “Craft Your Own” option, and Abby is selling lemonade at Rustic Mamas’ Market – a show with more than 100 vendors.

The process to get to this point was not simple, so Abby and her mom, Katherine, worked together to build up the business.

After selling out of their driveway last summer, some people suggested that the Schultzes expand their business. They had to get a license since they deal with food, so they spent the winter on that, as well as coming up with new flavors for this year. Abby and her mom also learned the rules and regulations about handling money, sanitation, and all the little things that come with running a small business.

Now that winter is over, Abby has a new tent to sell out of and a fresh menu to share. New flavors include Cotton Candy Bomb – which is topped with cotton candy – and Mangonada Lemonade.

Abby said, “My favorite flavor is cotton candy.”

Beyond the flavor combinations listed on the menu, Friendly Little Lemons customers can build their own flavors using syrups that range from blackberry to watermelon.

Being a Young Maker is sure to be just the beginning for Abby and Friendly Little Lemons. Those interested in picking up a lemonade of their own from Abby should check out @friendly_little_lemons on Facebook or Instagram to learn more.

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