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Sweet photography on display at bakery

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Perfect Day Cakes isn’t just tickling the taste buds, but creating a feast for all the senses.
Owner Thea Farrington invites artists to display their artwork in her bakery. She gets unique decorations, the artists get a chance to show off their work, and her customers get to see the art that’s living all around them.
For over a year now, Farrington has been displaying the work of local artists, usually for two months at a time.
“I love art,” she said as she explained her excitement for going to different art galleries in the cities. “I wanted to bring a little bit of the cities to Owatonna.”
To become a part of her exhibit, artists need to show a portfolio of their work, so Farrington can decide if it’s right for her shop. Photography, mixed media, acrylics, oils, pottery - if it fits on the shelves, Farrington is open to displaying it. “Art is everywhere, and art is everything,” Farrington said.
The artwork on display for April and May was done by Mark DeLap. Farrington met him when he came to interview her about her shop, and the two quickly discovered a mutual love of art. While his photography is mostly on show, Farrington has his books for sale as well. “He truly has so many forms of art,” she said.
“It’s exciting for me to show what I see through the lens of a camera,” said DeLap, “They say a sunset is more beautiful if shared with someone else.”
All artists who display at Perfect Day Cakes have the option of selling their art to interested bakery customers, but Farrington says DeLap is a little unique in that regard. He told Farrington she’s welcome to sell any of the pieces, but he doesn’t want any money from the sales, so she’s decided she’ll donate any money his art makes to charities. 


Perfect Day Cakes holds an artist reception for every artist they display, and DeLap’s will take place this May. Any artist who would like to display his or her artwork at Perfect Day Cakes is invited to get in touch with Farrington.

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